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The Dream of the Poem: Hebrew Poetry from Muslim and Christian Spain, 950-1492 (Lockert Library of Poetry in Translation)
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Accent on Form: An Anticipation of the Science of Tomorrow
Lancelot Law Whyte
The Expert versus the Object: Judging Fakes and False Attributions in the Visual Arts
Ronald D. Spencer
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Cold Mountain (Han Shan)
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چهره‌ی مرد هنرمند در جوانی

چهره‌ی  مرد هنرمند در جوانی - James Joyce, منوچهر بدیعی after his truly wonderful book of short stories, [book:dubliners], james joyce gave us this novel, bildungsroman, with prose as solid and clear and musical and vivid as any poet writing in English at the time. Passages and whole scenes are etched in my soul forever.Then the man character goes on to play a part in [book:Ulysses], but that's another story ...